Featured Author: Karen Heins

It has been an awesome journey having ​Begoña True as my illustrator. Her artistic style is brilliant and amazing. I love her colorful, thoughtful and inviting illustrations. She is a multi-talented artist and teacher. She also formatted and translated the Spanish version, El Pueblo Estrella de Isabella.  Please visit her website 

The Star People of Isabella: Whose Story is Just Know Being Told is Green Links for Youth's big debut. The idea for the story was first conceived in 2004. It evolved into an interactive rhythmic storytelling for children. The characters now come to  life  through this beautifully illustrated book. Self-empowering themes are shared throughout the story. Themes of gratitude, love, courage, esteem, unity and simplicity are present.


Karen has a master's degree in Education from Howard University. She was a Special Education Teacher for over 15 years and worked as an Environmental Educator (naturalist) for several years. She followed her passions in the area of holistic healing as a Board Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Healer. She now looks forward to engaging children in storytellings with healing themes. Karen also loves working with flower essence and has completed a Bach Flower, Level One course at Ainsworths Homeopathic Store in London.

Illustrator: Begoña True